Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Regan Chelsea |New Blogger

Hello there..
Just want to give you a quick introduction and explain what you will be expecting to see on this blog in the near future!
I am 23 year old female who lives in Manchester.
I enjoy shopping, eating out, camping, holidays, nail varnishes, reality tv, reading blogs and watching Youtube videos.

I wanted to start to this blog because I find so interesting and reliable to read other peoples thoughts on products etc. So I thought some one, somewhere might want to hear my thoughts and opinions.

 I'm going to update my blog with reviews of  beauty, hair, nail, jewellery, recipes and many more things I have used/worn/experienced.

All opinions are my own and the things I will be reviewing are things I genuinely have an interest in.

  As well as this, there will be posts based on my lifestyle, things I like to do, places I have visited and any interesting experiences I have had
It's all fun and I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you for reading,
Regan Chelsea

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