Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Hand Food |Soap & Glory

Most people in the UK will have heard of Soap and Glory! Well if you haven't I hope this post makes you go out and find some of their products! I was introduced to Soap and Glory a few christmas' ago when my mum bought me a small giftset from S&G as a stocking filler! Since then I have been hooked on their Hand Food!
So as you can see the packaging is in the lovely pink trademark colour! All of their products have the unique vintage look with most having gorgeous pictures of glamorous women! Their products if you read on the back, also can have helpful tips!
This hand cream has the most luxurious feel to it, this is due to it being non-greasy and smells lush. The key ingredients for this product is Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow, which together is a lovely combination. For me its a must have at just over £4 for a 125ml tube is great value and not to be grumbled at. I have had this tube for 6 months and just coming to the end of it! A small blob goes a long way and keeps your hands from getting dry and/or chapped. My hands benefit hugely from this product as they feel nourished and I honestly think my nails feel stronger for using it! I have tried other hand creams but this is certainly the best and the products I will always repurchase.
As the autumn is approaching I do hope that your all keeping your hands in the best condition also don't forgot to rub your hand cream into your cuticles. It helps!
The packaging has written on the front of the tube "THE MOST ASTONISHING HAND CREAM EVER?" Which I totally agree and enthusiastically recommend for people who are prone to dry hands or for people who just like the odd moisture here and there!
Most Soap and Glory products are found in Boots. I have given you link below
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Regan Chelsea

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