Tuesday, 30 August 2011

To Run Or Not To Run!

It all began 2 years ago, I was gaining a lot of weight mainly from no exercise and over-eating, i knew this was happening but i thought a healthy eating plan would shed a few lbs. However months after i wasn't losing any weight and my mum was starting to worry about my health and decided that we was going to start walking 3 miles Monday to Friday! Not only that at 6am as this was only time we could fit it in to our daily routines and commitments! My mum by the way is short and petite and didn't have much weight to lose where it was the opposite me! So we began our new healthy exercise regime speed walking around the town. After a few months we started to progress into a jog and walk, then just jogging from start to finish! If anyone has done the start to finish then you will know how much of an achievement it is! Now I run regularly early Monday to Friday with or without my mum! We both lost weight in this time and I'm still not at my desired weight but I am glad with the fitness i have achieved! All i wanted to put across in this post is that whatever your weight or size running/jogging/walking is great for you mind and body! I enjoy listening to my ipod however i know my mum likes to work out her daily routine in her head while she runs!
If anyone needs more information or motivation or just a general get to know about running, I can recommend the women's running magazine! Its £3.90 per monthly issue, however if you subscribe they can post them to your home and you get a lot of money knocked paying around £5 every quarter. This magazine had been my motivation many times, when i think I'm over running and had enough i dig out my last mag and instantly know giving up would be more bad than good. They have lots of real life articles, ways to improve your running style, reviews on the correct running gear and how to increase your speed and time with interval training.
You can buy the single copies of the mag in most superstores and in some newsagents. This is my most recent copy that was was sent out which is the October issue! I do have them delivered to my home as i have subscribed to them. I will put the link of their website below and here you can also get tips and inspiration. This is the only running mag i have tried as it was recommended to me by another female runner.
The thing i admire most about running is that it cost nothing, i can just throw on my trainers and go! Its up to me how far and how long. It costs me nothing unlike my old gym £54 a month! Not only that its a great feeling knowing you have pounded the local pavements instead of having that extra time in bed or watching the TV!
I hope you catch the running bug too!

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