Saturday, 3 September 2011

Lush Lips!

This has to be one of my faveourite lip glosses ever! It has amazing shine and feel! I am quite a neutral lip kind of girl and rarely dare to wear a lipstick which is matte coloured. However with this i think it gives a great colour and a fabulous shine! It claims to stay on for 6 hours which i havent witnessed yet! Maybe 4 hours. Saying that I do like to apply the lip gloss often! As for the packaging its in a glam diamond looking tube with the shiny handle. I had a friend comment on the packaging, saying it looks fab! The applicator for this product is a small heart shaped spongy wand, which i think is so easy and smooth to use!! I think Cheryl Cole may have advertised this product earlier this year! This is a great cheap lip gloss available at most drugstores. Loreal really suceeded with this product, i bought it for about £8, and I think i will have to invest in a darker colour for the night as  the "103  forever nude" is better for the day!

Glam shine is a small tube but I have used my day in and day out since early August and I still get great coverage from it still. If you want perfect glossy lips with an easy application this is the gloss for you, they have 16 varied colours.
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