Sunday, 30 September 2012

Pore Penetration Clay Mask |Avon Clearskin

Everybody has skin that needs to be pampered once in a while and nowadays there is face masks for every skin type, oily, dry, normal or combination. Depending on the type you have the ingredients in the mask should benefit your skin reducing the unwanted flaw.

I have normal skin but prone to spots around my mouth mostly once a month (maybe hormones?)
My unwanted spots are quite manageable and are easily concealed usually. But to try prevent these I do use a face mask a couple times a week (along with cleanse and tone each night.)
The mask I found that suits my skin is Avon's clearskin pore penetrating clay mask. On the packaging it says this has pore firming technology, making pores look small and visibly refined.

I apply a thin layer onto my dry and clean face. Leave it for a good 10 minutes, after the time you will notice the product getting harder and your face less easily to move. Its a green/grey murky mud looking colour and doesn't look too appealing. I use my index finger to apply the mask, by pushing it onto the skin as its quite thick. Its has a mild clean smell, barely noticeable.
After the time allocated, rinse off with luke warm water.
I find afterwards my skin feels smooth to touch, my imperfections look small and the pores which are usually noticeable on my nose are reduced.
I have used many face masks but this one is really affordable and does reduce spots and pores.
If your not an Avon customer then a great alternative available at boots, super drug and supermarkets is the Garnier 3in1. Its a similar product, but says you can use it as a cleanser, exfoliate and a mask. It too has reducing spots, pores and its clay based. Its more expensive but a little goes a long way and it has 3 uses.
There is always the sachets of facial mask (Montagne Jeunesse being the ones I most use) which you can get anywhere you could try. They have so many uses and so many flavours! These are fun to use for a girly night in, enjoyed with a glass of wine!
So get pampering your face!
Bye for now.

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  1. This was very helpful! im pretty sure im going to order this now:) Do you think it could work to dry out spots? if just put on the area where the spot is?