Monday, 12 September 2011

Witch |Concealer

I bought this product last Thursday and i am loving this concealer. It was around 4 pound from Superdrug, which is great value as it has glam packaging, slim for your purse or makeup bag. The concealer (witch hide and clear) is in natural colour number 1. It has great coverage and has witch hazel to soothe and reduce your blemishes. I went to a wedding on Saturday and i didnt re-touch my makeup I just kept covering up my spots with this (which i had a serious breakout a few days earlier.) I felt this concealer really toned down my spots and helped with the redness.
I can assure you this is a great product, its creamy not too chalky, great shade and cheap. I have a concealer palette from Avon which i bought recently and even though it has a great variety of shades like yellow and apricot for reducing redness and blemishes, it hasn't got the witch hazel which helps reduce your blemish as well as covering them for a perfect finish.
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