Sunday, 4 September 2011

Smokey Eyes |Collection 2000

I bought this over a week ago now, and I must admit i thought because its not an expensive brand i wouldn't use it very often and probably need to use a primer!
Except i have used it every day since! Collection 2000 has a variety of affordable products, i really like their concealer and eyeliners. This is great product and i think collection 2000 have really related their products to the more popular and expensive brands. The palette has a selection of 9 colours. 3 medium, 3 dark, 2 light and 1 cream. (as you may see from the picture below.) The colours do not have name but from left to right i will tell you my description of the colours.
  • silver with glitter, black, white
  • gold with glitter, brown, pink
  • grey, dark brown, pink cream 
 So from the picture and the description you can probably tell that this are very neutral and earthy colours, which i think can suit dark haired or fair haired people. I can use the light to medium on the days i have worked and if I'm out late in the evening i can just use the medium to darker colousr! The darker colours are great and highly pigmented, the light colours are not that great but do the job. The cream which is used as a highlighter is pretty nice quality and does give a nice glossy look to the inner corners of your eyes!

The only problems i have with this fairly cheap palette is that the eye shadows when you apply them they can fall a lot and means lots of concealer under the eyes. Also the applicator for this product is like the sponge on sticks i had when i was younger in a toy makeup set! I binned that as soon as i saw it! I just use my eyeshadow brush and a fluffy blending brush, which works fine.
On the back there is a how to use in 4 easy steps, i did take note of this, however the lighter shades are not very good at the brow bone highlighting because they aren't very pigmented.
I bought this palette from Boots, its was around £4. Which i think to get 9 colours is a great bargain! Especially as they are half decent eye shadows! They had two other colour scheme palettes, one was really bright loud colours and the other one was purples i think. I preferred this one as it was more neutral tones. I have the Benefit smokey eyes palette and I think this is a good cheap alternative for people who like the smokey eyes look!
Thanks for reading!
Regan Chelsea

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