Friday, 28 September 2012

What I'm Burning |Warm Spice by Yankee Candle

I thought I would let people in on my addiction, well addiction may be a little strong, but I am crazy about Yankee Candles.
 And I know I'm not the only one.
I have many relatives who love this company and have many of their candles in their homes.
The one I am writing about today is the Warm Spice candle. I have been burning this candle for a good few weeks now. I'm usually dedicated to my fruit candles and all time favourite vanilla scents, but this caught my eye as it had star of anise and cinnamon on its label. I love the smell of both of these especially in cooking, so I ordered them from QVC and thought that if I didn't fancy the smell I would pass it on to my mum or nan.
When receiving the candle I couldn't get enough of sniffing the jar lid, the smell is so yummy, like a cake or biscuit smell. Its a potent smell but it has a sweetness. It's hardly the over bearing smell of a spice rack that I firstly thought.
I first lit the candle when it started getting dark early, I had the flu and could barely smell anything but I do like the ambiance of a candle no matter if it smells or not.
Once my flu started to pass the and I could finally beginning to smell again, this was a lovely scent to start the autumn off. Like it says on the label 'warm' it really is. It does remind me of cooking cinnamon buns, which actually makes me hungry and crave something sweet. But it is worth it.
If you like a baking smell throughout your home, something warm and sweet then this candle could be a delightful piece in your home. It looks good, it smell good. Double bonus eh?
Every time I use a new candle I will write about it, telling you of its fragrance and maybe you could get ideas of candles you might want in your home.
Yankee Candle are an expensive brand (to me) but I do get a lot of burning time out of the candle and the scents are really lovely and last a long time.
If you like candles but want to keep them within a budget then try Wax Lyrical. They are on line and they have stores nationwide. They offer a huge range of scents and you can always find a scent similar to Yankee Candle.
Thanks for reading, bye for now.

 **always burn responsibly, do not leave any candles unattended**

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