Saturday, 22 September 2012

Buddy |My Pet Patterdale Terrier

 Welcome to my puppy BUDDY. Well he is no longer such a small puppy but now over two years old.
iI thought I would write about him as its been two years this week since we gained our new family member.
He is a patterdale terrier with a black smooth coat with a glossy brown shine.
The picture above shows him when he was only 4 months old, wearing his rather lovely blue fleece snuggi (which i might add, he seemed to rather enjoy.)
This is the only item if clothing he ever tolerated.
not that I didn't try more :)
He had a scottish flag on his tag as his parents conceived his litter when they were holidaying in scotland, and his name along with his brothers and sisters were given temporary scottish names.
Buddy started off as Whisky and i know a two of the other pups were named Haggis,Nessie and Tatty.
Choosing Buddys' name was simple, my sister (Jordan) suggested it and we all mutually agreed.

 This picture above shows (from left to right) me, my brother (Campbell), my dad (holding buddy) and my mum.
This being our first dog from being a puppy, we decided to get ahead with training him and getting him house trained. House training was easy, it was the leaving him a night alone downstairs Icouldn't bear.
So my sister and I took turns into staying on the couch. As if we stayed upstairs he would cry, well howl!
As being new owners of a patterdale iI researched thouroughly on the Internet to see what type of needs/characteristics a Patterdale had.
I found things like;
  • they love to nothing more than to be in your bed asleep
  • they are keen diggers/hunters/ratters
  • they are great with children and adults
  • they can act dominant towards other dogs.
These I found true in no time at all.
Buddy will do anything to try and snuggle up at the end of our bed. Sadly he moults terribly so he has to stay on his own bed. That's the only downside with a patterdale from my experience of owning one.
He loves to chase anything, birds, cats, squirrels and other dogs.
He did start to dig our garden up but with he soon grew out of that (thankfully as my parents werent happy about this activity.)
He is great with any humans (except for the barking at the postman)
He can be quite dominant towards other dogs, this we do not admire or encourage, as other owners can dislike this.

  This is Buddy a couple of months ago enjoying a summer evening walk.
He is a very clever/wise dog. He will let you know when he needs to go WALKIES by nudging you or his lead (this being very handy indeed.)
He knows all simple commands such as sit, paw, lie down and roll over.
Buddy loves his exercise, especially being with equally energetic dogs he can chase and tease.
He has so much character, its like having a mini human about the house.
His main thing is his huffing and sighing when told to sit on his bed. After two years this still makes everyone giggle.
Buddy is a well loved pet and a mans best friend!
He loves the attention of our big family, especially getting his belly and neck rubbbed.
Hope you enjoy reading about this cheeky patterdale. There will be lots more to come as he is a huge part of my life!
Bye for now.
Regan and Buddy! x

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  1. Buddy is so cute! I must agree that their dominance among other breeds are visible, which made them perfect hunting buddies. But what I love on them is that they are sweet to their masters. Just think of them nuzzling to you every morning. That’s really nice and heartwarming!

    Ashley Ziegler