Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nails |Summer to Fall

Its that time of year again, the leaves are falling from the trees, and I am looking for this years scarf, hat and gloves ensemble.
This being the case also means me putting away my pretty summer nail varnishes.
Not away away, just till next spring.
However even though the British summertime hasn't really been yet, I have used a lot of bright colours on my nails regardless of sunshine or no sunshine.
My favourites being;
  • barry M - peach melba, strawberry l/c, berry l/c, mint green, blue moon, coral
  • avon- mambo melon, viva pink, strawberry
  • elf- coral
Here's a few pics I have of my summer nails..

Not to worry as on the plus side think of all them fall/autumn colours we can use!
I have already started my fall/autumn/winter collection. (you can never be too prepared)
I'm loving avons range of nudes and muted colours.
I have a few but yet to try some of them. I love using avon nail varnish as they are affordable, the picture in the catalogue is always true to form and the quality is always great. Also a lot offer quick dry in a variety of shades (bonus to them impatient girls like me who dont like to wait!)
These are a few I have tried already;
  • city navy
  • licorice
  • romance
  • street beige
  • modern mauve
  • grey cement (matte)
In the picture below these are my autumn/fall/winter colours I will be using over the next few months!

I have on today city navy by avon.
This is dark navy (nearly black.)
I think it looks really classy.
Heres a pic...

I love using a dark nail varnish, I think it can really set off an outfit for any occasion (day or night.)
Adding a glitter topcoat can add a great effect for a night out, or maybe just paint your ring finger nail with glitter to be more subtle!
I like the idea of a beige and navy ensemble, maybe painting my nails navy and adding beige tips..

I will keep you posted on the colours I am yet to try :)
Thanks for reading.
Bye for now
regan x

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