Sunday, 23 September 2012

Makeup |Daily Routine

This post is just how I achieve my everyday makeup look.

This consisting of;
  • moisturiser- nivea(blue pot)
  • foundation -rimmel wake me up (ivory)
  • concealer -collection 2000 (fair)
  • eyebrow pencil -avon brow perfection (blonde)
  • eyelash curler -avon
  • mascara -rimmel day to night (black)
  • brown eye liner pencil -avon
  • bronzer -nyc sun2 sun in bronze gold
  • highlighter- nyc 
  • lip balm- burts bees (honey)
It takes me up to 10 minutes each morning, probably quicker when rushing.
When I have the time I do put eyeshadow on and blusher.
but this is just the basics for a normal day and it works for me.

 Here is a picture of my everyday simple look.

I feel my makeup gives my face a fresh subtle look and doesn't look as if I have made too much of an effort (which 10 mins effort isn't much really.)
If I want to glam up this look I add a smokey eye with a black liquid eyeliner, blush and some lip gloss.
I don't apply too much mascara in the day so with day2night mascara by Rimmel I only use the day wand to give length and not volume. 

This is my makeup bag, it holds all the basics I use daily. I spend a lot of time between my parents house and my boyfriends, so I need to carry my essentials in my bag at all times.
As you may have noticed these are all affordable brands from popular drugstores, as I use these products everday and I feel they meet my beauty needs, I resist from buying more expensive luxury brands.

My tips on a simple/natural everyday look are:
  •  less is more
  • moisturise if your skin is really dry or use a primer if your skin leans towards oily type.
  • match your foundation to your colour (this can make a huge difference if your wanting a natural look.)
  • conceal any redness such as around your nose and blemishes.
  • use a light bronzer and build up when contouring (using a dark bronzer can sometimes look a little 'O.C HOUSWIVES'
  • fill in your brows with no darker than your hair colour, eyebrows define our whole faces, give them a strong shape and fill in the gaps.
Thank you for reading
Regan x

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